Persian rugs have never really gone out of style. However, the last decade has seen their popularity rise. Today there are so many different styles and colours of Persian rugs available one thing is for certain, no matter what your design preferences, you will find one to suit your home perfectly.

Persian rugs tend to be more colourful than rugs made in Pakistan, which tend to be quite low-key in comparison. Another major difference is that Persian rugs from Iran often have floral, hunting and motif patterns which are more traditional designs.

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan and one of the most heavily populated towns in the region. Full of history Tabriz is a very traditional rug making town making high quality Persian rugs made of wool and silk with a cotton and silk warp. Modern Tabriz rugs are among the best quality, created by highly skilled craftsmen throughout the ages. Today, the most popular patterns include forest, floral and hunting scenes. Antique Tabriz rugs are rare and extremely expensive.

Heriz Rugs

These rugs are renowned for their colourful and bold designs. Invariably they will have a large medallion type motif in the centre which makes them very easy to identify. One of the major pluses of these rugs are they are extremely durable which means they last for eons. Without doubt, if you are looking for a rug to pass on as a family heirloom Heriz Rugs are a very good choice.

Kashan Rugs

Kashan rugs are very ornate and detailed in design. Indeed, the elaborate floral pattern is what makes these rugs very distinctive. Deep blue and red are the most prominent colours used combined with some yellow, green and dark orange shades. Kashan rugs have a very high knot count which makes them extremely long lasting and durable.

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh Rugs tend to have a more odern look due to their geometric patterns and brighter colours. The wool used to make these rugs is spun by hand up in the Zagros Mountains. The simplicity of the designs makes them have a more tribal feel. Colours include orange, yellow and red making them a colourful addition to any room.

Nain Rugs

With a high knot ratio Nain rugs are among the better quality rugs available. The colours tend to be quite ‘peaceful’ and low key, mostly pale blues and greens on a cream ivory or white background. However, while the colours are ‘quiet’ the patterns are usually very intricate and so elaborate.  

Every rug has its own artistic style and much of that depends on the origin of it. Colours and patterns vary a lot depending on the region they were made. Another difference is the knot count. Cheaper rugs tend to have a low know count (that is, how many knots per inch) which makes them less durable. For a rug that will be well-used it is better to buy a more expensive rug with a higher knot rate. Nevertheless, with so many styles and choices you will certainly find something to suit your own style preferences perfectly.

By Gyomei