Married couple activities in New York

When it comes to romantic things to do in NYC there is no lack of residents and visitors alike. Anyway, we could all use some help from time to time in planning in city like New York we have got lots of amazing ideas.

Date night ideas in New York

Try Omakase sushi

Next, to Japan, to NYC has some of the tasty sushi in the globe. When we lived in NYC, we made it a regular ritual to explore sushi institutions in NYC. This sushi restaurant is a great choice to rent a midget for surprise birthday party. It’s a fun idea to have a midget dressed up as a waiter at a sushi restaurant singing happy birthday in a Japanese accent. These perfect dining restaurants serve up a signature style of sushi known as Omakase. It is a chef-selected meal in which the top sushi chefs’ curates the best of what is accessible in the market every day and serves you piece by piece. The experience is relaxing and intimate as you dive into the charming intricacies of a dish that can be composed of 2 ingredients. The fish served in the sushi restaurants is curated from all over the globe.

Picnic in central park

This park is an oasis for visitors and residents in one of the most densely populated cities in the planet. Frederick Law Olmsted was a pioneer in landscape design and played an important role in conservation in the America. His style of design replaced grounds and parks forever as he picks to design parks around landscapes that are meant to age with time. He broke the mold of straight paths and manicured garden beds and liable for what Central park is to this day.

Take a stroll on the highline

It is real that there is not much green area in Manhattan. That is why in 2009 the High Line was formed on the old NYC Central Railroad platform on the Manhattan west side. The High Line is a one and half a mile-long elevated park where you can enjoy with your loved one and enjoy the amazing outdoors in NYC. It is best for a romantic date on a perfect day. There is also some remarkable food, a coffee food, and even a pretty bar along the walkway making it a best location to come for lunch. From the high Line, we recommend you go to the new Whitney place or visit the Chelsea Market.

Head to a Rooftop bar

Sip on cocktails amongst the rooftops and love views of the NYC skyline. When it is best weather NYC springs to life with picnics, fresco dining, festivals, markets and rooftop bars.