Luxury Looks for Less

Everyone wants a warm, inviting home but not many of us want to break the bank trying to achieve it. Here are some easy ways to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your living space without emptying your bank account:

Go Light with Walls

For a classy look, choose paint in white, cream, mocha or sage tones to make your room look brighter and cleaner. The room will look fresh and light colours make a great backdrop for any additional decorations and accessories you want.

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Go great with Art

Once you choose a light shade for your walls, do not be tempted by the busy, wallpaper wall feature but choose pieces of stunning art instead. Art can be found at fair prices, or design something yourself and let it do the talking for your walls.

Turn on

Outdated lighting fixtures damaging the vibe? Remove old ceiling lights and opt for lighting fixtures that make a statement. A stunning pendant or chandelier could be just what your room needs for a real luxury feel. Don’t forget to find the perfect ceiling rose to accompany to your new light fitting. For Ceiling Roses, visit 

Re-style a crowded bookcase 

Unless you’re an avid book collector, it’s time to clear some space on your shelves and add a decoration or sculpture. Several small potted plants or glamourous ornaments will give your bookshelf a neater, more balanced appearance.

Soften the floor

Whether you’re dealing with worn carpet or wooden flooring, thick, plush carpets or rugs will work wonders in creating a cosy comfort, separating the space, highlighting the colour and adding texture to a room.

Soft Sofas

You will be amazed at what a difference a couple of plush pillows can make to an old sofa. They not only add maximum comfort but add a large layer of texture to the decor. Mix colours, sizes and patterns on a neutral layout for maximum effect with minimum effort.

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A perfect mirror to give the illusion of more space. They also add a touch of class to otherwise bare walls. Whether you choose a simple design across from the windows to increase natural light or ornate designs as part of the statement, they are a simple yet stylish addition to the decor.

Bring Me Flowers

Whatever your personal favourite, combining vases, antique urns, house plants and fresh or artificial flowers will bring colour and life to any design decor.

Curtain Call

If you have high ceilings, long curtains can look really classy. Hang the curtains from where the wall meets the ceiling, with a small cloth to pool on the floor creating a luxurious, high-end look to complete the decor of your living room.