Know the difference between steel & aluminium roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are becoming more popular due to the convenience in usage, maintenance, and installation. Roller shutter doors are available in various shapes, sizes, materials, etc. However, let’s take a look at the difference between steel and aluminium roller garage doors.

Steel Roller Garage Doors

It is quite easy to find the steel Roller Garage Doors. They are constructed from large sections of single skin sheet steel that are joined together about every 750 mm to form a complete curtain that is rolled and attached around a skeleton drum to produce a roller garage door. The roller door is simple when it comes to design and is lightweight to operate. When the door needs to be electrically operated, a simple motor system is easily bolted onto the one end of the door and is controlled by a box and remote control handsets as required. The sensors equipped in the garage door operators would stop in case of obstruction and would reverse. A wall-mounted control panel with built-in light, push-button control with radio signal can also be fixed if you would like to operate it rather than handling a remote.

Aluminium Roller Doors

They can be insulated garage doors that are constructed from individual double-skinned slats usually with a foam-filled core. They differ slightly in the front face design. Some have a smooth surface while others have a thin line or two as a feature in the design. The slat has a curved shape and this enables the curtain to roll efficiently.

However, the differences between Aluminium and steel roller garage doors are quite apparent. One of the biggest differences between both of them is that aluminium roller doors use a tube motor system for electric operation and nearly all doors are electric rather than manual ones. Some companies provide an externally mounted motor system. When it comes to a barrel-type motor system on any roller door, there is a minimum level of safety required as the motor would be driving the roller doors up and down.

 Hence, when you are picking a door manufacturer, make sure that they do not ignore the legal and safety requirements. Most people prefer opting for a roller garage door for industrial as well as home use as it is sturdy, strong, less prone to weather damages, and is safer than most garage doors. Insulated garage doors can keep your garage and house warm or cold, based on the temperature setting within your home. This can protect your vehicles from extreme climates outside the house. Most people consider a lot of options before picking garage doors. Do not look at only the aesthetic part of it. You should also consider the built quality, ease of use, weather, insulation, automatic or manual, and various other factors before you finalise installing a garage door. Maintaining the garage door is as important as installing it. Regular and timely maintenance by a professional would be an ideal decision to make your roller garage door last longer.