How to choose the internet while moving to a new house?

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Even though you rarely use it, sometimes some applications still burden your phone.

Especially, if the device you are using has a slow processor or small RAM.

Delete applications that are less important and you never do, in order to expedite the performance of your phone.

 Contact Internet Provider

If this problem has been going on for a long time, you can ask your internet network provider for advice and solutions.

If it turns out that you are not given a solution to this problem, maybe it’s time for you to move to another provider with a more guaranteed Fiber optic internet connection speed.

Use Block Ads

Advertising can be one of the causes of the slow internet that we use, advertising on the internet is the cause because it takes up more data just to accommodate advertisements. For this reason, it is recommended to use AdsBlocker, some browsers such as Opera and UC have provided this feature in their browsers.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode can be one way to make the internet connection fast, this feature serves to repeat the internet connection to the operator network.

Clear Cache

Cache that is allowed to accumulate can make HP’s performance decrease, because the cache uses internal storage which has the effect of affecting the connection to the internet. We can clear cache by setting – application – select the application you want to clear cache – clear cache.

Wifi Optimization with Power Cycling Router

The method is very easy, we only need to turn off the wifi router and wait 10 seconds, after that please turn it on again. When turned on again, the speed of the internet will return to normal.

Bandwidth Limit

Sometimes providers do bandwidth restrictions, for that we can overcome them by setting the limit. This can be done manually, for example by limiting the download speed and updating at night. You can also activate QoS (Quality of Service) in the router control panel. This feature is usually to prevent other people from downloading at a certain time and can only download at a predetermined time.

Check Network Settings

We can change our network to 4G, if the area already supports 4G signals. This can be done with the settings menu and mobile network settings on the HP network.


VPN can be used when there is a slowdown on the internet in certain traffic. VPN can be a solution thanks to changing IP addresses that can speed up internet connections, of course as long as they are connected to the right IP.

Choose a Well-known Provider

The way to overcome slow wifi can also be by choosing a provider that is well-known and widely used. Look for a provider with a strong internet network and affordable quota prices. Sometimes, you have to pay a little more even for a provider that has proven to be good. Also adjust to your location. Sometimes, not all providers have a strong network throughout the area.

Check Router Antenna Position

Who would have thought that the speed of the internet connection was also affected by the position of the antenna? Router antennas that are tilted to the right or left are more difficult to pick up and transmit signals to connected devices, than router antennas that are in an upright position. Also make sure there are no broken or torn wires on the shield. This of course will weaken the internet signal, in addition to endangering users when touching it.

Set Router Frequency Channel

After making sure that your router’s antenna is in the right position, changing the router’s channel settings is the next thing you can try to overcome slow wifi.

Go to the router’s channel settings (can be found in the manual or the bottom of the router device) and change the router’s frequency channel at 1, 6, and 11. This channel usually tends to have minimal interference because it rarely touches the channel used by other people.

Reset Network Settings

By resetting network settings, you can fix a slow internet connection. After the reset, the list of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will disappear from your phone. Re-enter and connect to the connection you really need.