Eco-Friendly And Energy Saving – 5 Great Ideas To Do At Home

Making sure that your home is warm in winter and cool in summer can be an expensive exercise, even for those who own smaller properties. What’s more daunting is that implementing eco-friendly solutions can be expensive too. And, with more of the world turning to greener options to save electricity and the environment, you need to know that some of the more traditional heating and cooling means are frowned upon.

The good news is that there are things you can do at home to make sure you save energy. These eco-friendly solutions are aimed at creating a more comfortable home environment without costing you’re a small fortune:

Home Heating

The idea behind heating your home is great, except for the fact that most of the time you actually end up heating the walls of your house. If you have a home which is fitted with radiators you can quickly solve this problem by covering a sheet of cardboard with foil and placing it behind your radiators. This way you will ensure that all the heat created by your radiators is emitted directly into your room and the heat which would have escaped outward to the walls are reflected back into your house. You’ll find that your house heats up much faster and you’ll also end up retaining more of the heat than before.

Summer Cooling

During the warmer summer months, there is really no need for you to be constantly running your air-conditioning unit. Yes, it does cool your house down quickly but it will send your electricity bill through the roof. As an alternative to using energy-consuming air conditioners, simply open a few windows. The fresh air through your house will do wonders.

Perfect Piping

Most of the heat from water pipes is lost before you actually get to feel the warm water. “Insulating your warm water pipes through a process called pipe-lagging will make sure that the hot water in your pipes stays warmer for a much longer period,” says pipelagging insulation specialist Gerard Hampshire. He adds that once pipe lagging has been installed your hot water and the use thereof will be more efficient. Pipe-lagging can either be self-installed quickly or can be installed by professionals.

No More Draughts

In both summer and winter, you might find that your home is exposed to draughts. These draughts can be due to small or even large gaping holes around your doors and windows. If you are trying to create a warm environment, these draught holes can be counterproductive. While you are trying to fill your home with warmth, these gaping holes will bring cold air into your home. Simply filling these gaps can ensure that you save on lost heat. You’ll be happy to know that installing these are easy and they actually do not cost a lot of money either.

Radiator Bleeding

You need to make sure that your radiators are heating all the way to the top. If they are not, you might want to give them a bleed. The bleeding process entitles simply releasing any trapped air which could be preventing the warm water from reaching the very tops of the radiator. Using a regular radiator bleed key simply turn the top valve. Once the hissing stops and you see water, shut the valve off again.