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Easy Landscaping Improvements that can increase the worth of your house.

Any real estate agent would agree that the most effective way to increase the value of the property is landscaping. If done right, landscaping can increase the worth of a property up to 11 {f674bbf544aee2be6022affda6af35bab40f702389c05ea75c0fbbc54dbabce7}. Besides being a significant home renovation that fetches a higher return on investment, it is the easiest of all.  Here are some tips for transforming your landscape into a valuable asset.

Sync your landscape to your home’s style: Since many buyers wish to buy house in Virginia Beach with a well-maintained yard or a garden, having a garden that goes with the house will not only add to the appeal of the home but make it a selling point. Before you start remodeling the yard, consider designs that blend well with the look and feel of your house.

Design with a strategy in Mind: Before starting on any major home improvement, start with a strategy. As per Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture, having a proper foundation planting with a few well-designed show-pieces can escalate the worth of your house by 42 percent.

Adding diversity to your garden can add to its appeal, but don’t get carried away while doing so. Give your garden a uniform look without making it a garden center were every kind of plants and shrubs are found. Keep a mixture of shrubs and perennials to add subtle versatility to the design.

Achieve Seasonal Balance: Having blooms from a particular season will not have its effect on the buyer if they are viewing your home during other time of the year. The trick is to give your home an attractive look all year long. You can achieve seasonal balance by adding blooms, evergreens, shrubs and brightly colored plants to your garden. No doubt the buyers would be more interested in viewing the house from inside, but they will not be able to un-see the well-balanced garden and imagine themselves revealing in the beauty of it during each season.

 Plant Trees: This is one of the simplest of all landscape improvement tips. Adding a few trees in your garden can escalate your house’s value by up to 15 percent and more. Since trees eat up carbon dioxide and released oxygen, home buyers find it as an eco-friendly way to live their life. Trees also provide shade and fresh air making the house more refreshing and pleasant. It even cuts on the cost of air conditioning.

Edge you’re Lawn: Carefully maintained and edged lawns look vibrant and add to the overall look of the house. Edging done along the sidewalk and garden beds will put a positive impression on your prospective buyers. After all, if you are willing to maintain your garden, the house would be well-maintained too.

Although landscaping significantly boosts the value of a house and fetches the highest return on investment, designing the landscape that would require high maintenance can wade off the buyers. If you are planning to sell your home without going through the hassle of remodeling your landscape, you can take the ‘we buy houses Virginia Beach VA’ service offered by many real estate firms.