A house is one of the primary needs that cannot be contested. Although it can be rented or contracted, having your own home is the best solution to be free from the burden of lifetime rental costs that disturb the peace. There are two ways that can be done so that the desire to have your own home can be realized. You can buy a ready-made house from the seller or by buying land and building your house slowly to make it habitable.

Well, the two problems above often make millennials confused about which method to choose to own their own home. So that you don’t get confused anymore, Hipwee Tips will review the pluses and minuses of buying a ready-made house or building from scratch. Approximately which one is effective, huh?

1. Buying a finished house from a developer is suitable for those of you who already have a budget to pay the down payment

If you have enough funds to pay down a house down payment, buying a house is the right choice. Next, all you have to do is apply for a mortgage at  รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี  or pay in installments directly to the developer while occupying the purchased house without having to rent another residence. So, there is no need for other additional costs because everything is focused on one need: repaying the mortgage.

2. Unlike buying a finished house which requires definite costs, building your own house can adjust your budget

If your budget is not enough to buy a house, you can buy land first to build a house later. Building it can also be paid in installments according to the availability of existing funds. But of course, this takes time, if you don’t want to rush, building your own house from scratch is the right choice.

3. Because you don’t have to spend money to build when you choose to buy a finished house, you have savings for renovations

After several years of occupancy, there must be parts of the house that need renovation due to damage or the need for additional space. Now, because the existing funds have been allocated to a clear post to repay the mortgage, the rest can later be allocated to repair or renovate your house, right?

4. Because there is a factor of not being in a hurry, building your own house that adjusts to this budget has its advantages: you don’t have to go into debt!

When you choose to build your own house from the land that has been purchased, the risk of debt can be minimized as much as possible. This is because the construction of the house adjusts to the existing budget. Life is so much calmer, right?

5. If you want to have a house with the design you want, then choose an alternative to build your own house

One of the advantages of building your own house compared to buying one is that you can design your home the way you want. Like what kind of house style you want, how the layout of the room is, or other things that you can arrange yourself. However, keep trying to find as much information as possible so that you as an owner who also follows the process of making a house can maximize the results.

6. In order not to be disappointed when choosing to buy a house, choose a wholesale system where you can monitor the construction from the start

When buying a house with a wholesale system to the developer, you can directly monitor the house construction process and determine the quality of the building both in terms of design, layout, strength, and neatness. This is done to minimize damage to the house in the future. So that in the future there will be no frequent renovations, right?

That’s roughly the picture of the pluses and minuses of buying a finished house or building your own house. In general, buying a ready-made house means that you have to entrust the quality and design of your house to the seller, the budget must also be ‘brave’, but the house is ready to be occupied. While building your own house requires patience and thoroughness, but the budget and design can also be adjusted.

So, match it to your individual needs, yes!

By Gyomei