Different Verandah Designs For Outdoor Inspiration

Different Verandah Designs For Outdoor Inspiration

When it comes to creating beautiful outdoor spaces, more and more homeowners are considering the addition of verandahs to provide an additional elegant living space in their property. And with this added area for rest and relaxation without worrying about the constraints of the outside weather, it’s no wonder there’s a greater demand for verandahs with homeowners and potential buyers. With options to install onto existing properties as well as building with new homes, verandahs can be constructed to complement the facade of the home or provide a striking contrast that elevates the look of the property. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration and information about the different Melbourne verandahs designs that are available, look no further than this handy guide!


Verandahs with curved roofs are strikingly elegant, opening up a verandah with a dynamic focal point. Curved, smooth and clean lines provide a convex canopy over the outdoor living space, complementing existing roofing styles on the home, whether it’s a flat roof style or something different.


Perhaps one of the most versatile verandah designs you can get, this simple design goes well with most exteriors and complements a wide range of facades. Because of its flat style, you’re not limited to just having roofing over your verandah, and in fact can choose to extend your roofing over spaces such as pools, gardens, and the like, providing added shade that can make hot summer days more enjoyable.

Because of its simplicity, it’s proven to be one of the more flexible verandah designs, both in style and construction, meaning you can get the kind of space that you want no matter your preferred dimensions. Whether you’re after a freestanding structure or wanting to combine flat roofing with other types of roof styles, flat roofing for your verandahs is easy to incorporate into your existing ideal design.


Are pitched roofs part of your existing home design? Perhaps you like the charming facade that this style lends to a property. Gable designs are striking verandah types that feature a slanting roofline, complementing the existing roofline of the home. 

This often looks marvellous with outdoor spaces that have seating for entertaining underneath the roofed part of your outdoor living area. 


Verandahs were made to extend sheltered living space into the exterior portion of the property. However, sometimes having the freedom to control the amount of sunlight that you can get while enjoying the weather outside can be a key feature to consider when constructing outdoor living spaces.

Verandahs with sunroofs are basically structures that have louvres in the roofing, which can be opened or closed depending on your preference. This keeps the harsh extremes of the weather off of you but still lets you enjoy the warmth of the sun when you so choose. 

While these are the standard types of verandah roofing styles available in the market, there are other options available if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Professional builders with lots of experience constructing verandahs and other outdoor living spaces can give you some good advice on what types of outdoor structures would fit your ideal designs, whether it’s the three options outlined above, or other types of structures that are not limited to a verandah, such as:


Gazebos are quite often freestanding outdoor spaces found in stunning gardens and landscapes. As such, these are usually a bit more complex in the design, lending a magical style to any outdoor space. Available in many designs and roofing types, it’s a great way to add some uniqueness to any open-air space.


Wanting something versatile and easy to match with your existing property’s design? Pergolas provide a protected space that can be joined to the existing home, or freestanding, too. Pergolas provide a light and airy space that can be used for entertaining, relaxing, and even gardening. 

Curious about the right kind of outdoor space for your home? It’s important to figure out what you’re wanting to do with your outdoor space. Is it for relaxing? Perhaps you love having guests over and entertaining. Or maybe you have a pool or a garden that you need to incorporate into your design. Keeping these things in mind, as well as your own personal lifestyle will help you to decide on the verandah design that will suit your home perfectly. 

And don’t forget, oftentimes consulting with the right builder will help you to create your dream outdoor space. Working with qualified professionals will not only make it easier for you to create a beautiful addition to your home, but they’ll have the expertise and tools to ensure that your outdoor space will stand the test of time, too. Make sure to also check out the ever-popular range of Stratco verandahs Melbourne for high-quality outdoor living solutions that will elevate the look of your home.