Consider Hiring a Handyman Service for Your Next Home Repair!

Is there something in your house that needs installing or fixing, but you lack the tools that are required to do so? Do you have a small task or job you want done but simply don’t have the time to get it done? Or, perhaps you lack the patience, knowledge, expertise, or even interest to start, let alone complete the job?

For small indoor or outdoor repair, mounting, assembly, and installation jobs, it is recommended that you consider hiring a handyman. A reliable handyman service can help you with a wide variety of odd jobs around the house on a reasonable budget. Following are some of the home repair services that a professional handyman service can accomplish for you:

Drywall Installation / Drywall Repair: Installation of new drywall or repairing of an existing one is one of the most common tasks that handyman services generally specialize in. Handyman services have all the required tools to measure, cut, and install drywall boards with precision and skill.

Light Fixture Installation/Replacement: Over time, fixtures in homes, e.g. lighting systems, cabinets, kitchen faucets, etc., may break or wear out from daily use. While most home fixtures can be easily replaced or installed by a DIY enthusiast, most homeowners simply want a professional to deal with the problem because they either lack the time do it themselves or they want to make sure that the job is done right. Since many fixture installation/replacement jobs don’t require a license, they can usually be done by most handymen service professionals.

Interior and Exterior Painting: Of all the types of handyman services that are offered, interior and exterior wall painting is arguably one of the most common. Painting a house is not as simple as it seems, particularly if the house is occupied. Many property managers or homeowners use painting services to increase the overall aesthetic of a home before selling it – often getting a good return on investment by selling the house for more money or selling it quicker. Handyman services often take requests to repaint a house, and generally have the right tools for the job, e.g. ladders, furniture covers, tape, drop cloths, paint rollers, etc.

Smart Home Upgrade Installation: You can hire a handyman to come out to your home and install any number of smart home devices, e.g. sensors, doorbells, thermostats, etc. Be sure to check with the handyman that they are certified to install the specific brand and product, as there are several different types, and some of them may require specialist knowledge of smart home systems.

Window Installation: Many handyman services can offer window install or repair at a reasonable fee. This can include helping to repair/replace the window frame, cleaning up broken glass, as well as replacing or repairing the window itself. If the windows in the home are non-standard size, then you may need to hire a specialist.

Furniture Assembly: If there’s one thing that can cause frustration and arguments in a home, it’s trying to put some furniture together. The good news is, you can avoid the hassle by hiring a handyman service to take care of this task for you. Handyman services can make even the most complex of furniture assembly a breeze. They ensure the highest standard of assembly through their expertise and experience.

Tile Installation: Handyman services can generally perform tile installation over a prepared subfloor. Tile installation may seem like a simple task – laying down adhesive, smoothing it out, and putting tiles over it – but there’s more to installing tiles than meets the eye. For instance, handymen installing tiles have to measure the floor space carefully so they can accurately cut tiles to match the edges of the site. Handyman service providers have the right skills and the tools to efficiently handle such problems.

Power Washing: Roofs, garage floors, driveways, exterior walls, sidewalks, and other surfaces can become caked in dirt and debris – causing discoloration. Power washing can be used as a maintenance measure to keep the home’s exterior looking pristine. While not every handyman service has the right equipment to perform this job, those that do have the experience and tools offer this service at a reasonable rate.

Fencing and Paving: Whether it’s some lattice work, some small repair work on an old picket fence, or installation of a new fence, you can count on handyman services to help you. They generally specialize in fencing and paving and can make your home look unique. Custom designed, acoustic, or paling, these skilled professionals will help you make the right choice for your specific preferences and needs.

Picture and Mirror Hanging: Experienced handymen know how to take care of your important valuables and they can certainly help you hang your priceless treasures without any hassle. Through their picture and mirror hanging service, they take away the stress and hassle of putting up your precious furnishings.

Small Appliance Repair: Many homeowners would rather have their broken appliance repaired than replace the whole thing with a new one. Small appliance repair is one of the most common services handymen offer. In many cases, they can fix the problem with the appliance for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. And in case the cost of repair is higher than the cost of replacing the appliance, they provide an estimate so you can make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the jobs that a handyman can generally carry out. The services list presented above is by no means comprehensive as there is pretty much no limit to the jobs, just a limit to what’s possible within the law and a limit to the skills of each particular handyman. Handyman service is generally a very cost-effective option to take care of most of the tasks in your home, particularly if you need to deal with more than one problem. Having one professional rather than a whole team working in your house can save you money as well as relieve a lot of stress.