Choosing a Dog Crate that’s Right for Your pet is a Difficult Decision

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Have you ever wondered what kind of dog cage is best for your pet? It can be confusing, especially when there are so many different types of large dog crates available these days. From huge, heavy duty travel crates to cutesy, decorative pieces that resemble furniture more than dog cages, everything can be found at dog crate official.

It is cheapest to buy folding wire cages. These are serviceable, sturdy, and handy for transporting dogs as well as for crate training them. Typically, they are not a safe place to hide from his humans because they are open on all four sides, but if you want to make it more peaceful for him, you can cover a few sides or the top with a blanket.

These have often been used in crate training and as a restraining device at night, though I would typically cover the majority of the opening so that it stays dark, ensuring that there is enough venting to keep the pup comfortable.

Almost everyone is purchasing soft dog cages these days, because they look super cute and are cozy, as well as very warm. Although they are quite durable, they may not be appropriate for your young pup if he chews or gets very big. Small breeds of dogs can still use them–again, provided they won’t chew on it.

It is easy to blend Wicker cages into your living space, as they look nice. As a result, many people prefer this style of cage when it comes to choosing an indoor cage. These cages typically suit smaller breeds of dogs.

Generally, pet transportation is done in sturdy plastic cages with a door on the front and vents on the side and top. You should make sure that the cage you purchase is an airline-approved carrier when investing in this type of cage, which is typically more expensive than others. For this reason, if this is going to be an investment for you, make sure it will actually do all of its intended function. Regardless of whether you travel with your dog by vehicle or otherwise, this type of cage or crate is still ideal for your pet.

There is also furniture-looking cage, like an end table for example, where the cage is made to look like a piece of furniture. These adorable rugs look great with furniture and work wonderfully for smaller dogs.

Consider the size of your dog, as well as their habits and tendencies, when deciding the type of cage they need. In case your dog is large or chewy, and you plan on letting it spend some time in the cage, you should consider a tough plastic cage, like a travel crate.

It is likely that you can get by with a simple modern wood dog crate if you will only be crate training your dog and then giving him free reign in your house once that is done, or if you have an outdoor cage where your dog can go when you aren’t home.

The soft dog cage or the small, furniture cage would make an excellent choice if you are looking for a cage that will blend in with your furniture.

It should provide your dog with both security and a quiet place to rest while he is at home. Regardless of what you decide to buy, remember his cage is his home.