Bring a little bit of London Interior Design to Australia

Travel restrictions and lockdowns have put overseas adventures on hold for most of us. Whether you’ve had to cancel travel plans or are just itching to explore new places, it can be frustrating to feel stuck at home.

Redesigning or redecorating your rooms is a great way to freshen up the view and feel inspired again.

For those who have fallen a bit in love with London, we offer a guide to embracing the classy and elegant London style at home.

Whether you’ve been to London before and were captivated by the classy timeless style or can’t wait to make a visit when things open up again – bring a bit of London into your home with these easy style ideas.

Incorporate Art Deco and Minimalist styles

Modern London interior style takes inspiration from both Art Deco and Minimalist interior design. The Art Deco influence introduces a sense of class and elegance. Every item of furniture and decor is well made, hand-picked and exudes one-of-a-kind charm.

The Minimalist influence results in plenty of room for every item in the space to breathe. That means not overcrowding the rooms and making sure that everything introduced into the space is purposeful.

London style is also Minimalist in its colour palette. Greys and neutrals tend to dominate, helping the space feel lighter and roomier.

Use a sophisticated palette and neutral tones

The London palette is typically a range of neutrals with cold undertones. Soft powder blues and calming grey-greens are commonly used, as well as dusky pinks. Bright and warm colours, such as red-purple or a bright orange, are far less common.

As a rule, London interior style keeps things understated and muted. Embracing the Minimalist influence means adopting a ‘less is more’ attitude when it comes to colour. This helps achieve a sense of harmony and balance throughout the home.

For visual interest, sophisticated colours such as gold, navy and deep green are used as an accent to draw the eye. For example, an ornate gold frame around the hallway mirror, a copper pendant lamp or an emerald green blanket on the end of the bed.

Stick with soft and feminine shapes

London interior style tends to have a touch of the feminine which means softer shapes and textures. To nail the look, opt for furniture with soft, rounded edges rather than harsh, boxy lines.

For example, choose a reclined sofa with curved edges, a round coffee table or an oval shaped dining table over more rectangular options.

Decor items like designer cushions, throw rugs and curtains are also used to soften the overall look of the room. Layering items of different sizes and textures can help create a more warm and feminine aesthetic.

Curate decor like an art gallery

London style interiors tend to be decorated like an art gallery would be curated. Large sculptures, abstract paintings and custom made mirrors are all commonly used.

Everything brought into the room has a purposeful and hand-picked feel. Even functional items such as a side table or clock feel like a piece of art. One Six Eight London clocks are the perfect example of functional items that demonstrate excellent craftsmanship and a refined elegance.

When it comes to choosing art for your own home, go for pieces that speak to you in a personal way. Steer towards the neutral palette and experiment with luxury materials such as dark woods, bronze and marble.

Introduce soft luxury for the feet

No room is complete without the right flooring. London style leans towards softer floor coverings which look and feel silky. Colours tend to be muted and neutral like the rest of the room, although interesting textures in floor coverings can help add visual interest.

The hand tufted wool rugs and hand loomed viscose rugs by Tribe Home achieve the right balance between Art Deco and Minimalist styles. Their natural patterns and neutral tones work well with the elegant London style.

Aim for symmetry and balance

When arranging the room, London style tends to favour symmetry and balance. Decor and furniture is displayed with careful composition, unlike the more free spirited and eclectic style found in bohemian interiors.

London style isn’t rigid either. Rooms should maintain a sense of movement and softness rather than a cold, rigid mirroring. The aim is to achieve a sense of harmony and balance.

For example, you could set the bedroom furniture up with symmetry, but then introduce some personality by decorating each bedside table differently.

Enjoy your London inspired space

Redecorating your home is a great way to feel inspired again. When you take the time to thoughtfully curate furniture and decor, it’s easier to feel connected to your space.

Whether you embrace the London style or create a look that’s unique to you, we hope the process of redecorating your home with designer homewares helps you fall in love with your space all over again.