7 Types of House Roofs by Model

The roof of the house, of course, is one part of the house that is very important. Its function is to protect the room in the house, shade from the rain, keep from the sun, also to inhibit the movement of the wind.

In addition, the roof of a house can affect the appearance of a residence. Therefore, the selection of the shape and model of the roof needs attention in order to have aesthetic value. Moreover, the roof of the house is part of the house most often seen by people because of its location outside.

The model and type of roof also vary, both in terms of materials, materials, and design. The choice of model and type of roof must, of course, be considered carefully. If the roof is designed carefully, it will be able to function properly and be able to perform its function as a protective house. You should also find the best roofing service like Roofing Branson when installing or repairing the roof.

Then what are the types and models of roofing that are often used and the most popular? Here are 7 types of popular roofs and models:


Saddle roof or which has another term roof is a residential roof that looks like a saddle. The shape of the gable is the simplest roof model because it only has a slanted side, while the other side is a triangular wall.

Roof Shield

The next roof model is the shield roof or also known as the pyramid roof. The roof of this model has a shape like a pyramid that consists of four fields. Two fields are triangular, and two are trapezoidal.

Saws Roof

The sawtooth roof is a roof model consisting of two or more roof planes. But the fields are not the same slope so as if like a saw. Each area has a slope angle of about 30 to 60 degrees.

Flat Roof

Among the various types and shapes of roofs, the flat roof model is the simplest. This roof is flat with a flat surface area, horizontal, elongated, and without side meetings.

Roof Reclining

Model leaning or leaning roof is a model of the roof in the form of one roof plane that rests or attaches to a vertical wall. This roof model is usually used for additional roofs in the patio or in the hall of the house.

Tent Roof

This roof model is called the tent roof because it has the same roof plane slope. The roof of this model is usually used in buildings that have a square shape, which is the same length and width. The shape of this roof in the form of four fields of the same size and then meet at one point on the top.

Dome Roof

The next roof model is the dome-shaped half ball curved roof. If you pay attention, this roof will look like half of the ball. This type of roof is commonly used for building mosques and churches. But gradually, this dome-roof model was also adopted for architecture in museums, concert halls, conference halls, or buildings used for art.