6 Tips On Shopping For Vinyl Windows

Ever since the 90s, vinyl windows have been a favoured option among homemakers. The advantage of these windows was that they were more aesthetically appealing and cheaper than their wooden counterparts. After nearly three decades, vinyl windows are still a very relevant choice among home designers. The material used for building these windows is PVC or polyvinyl chloride, a commonly known plastic polymer. 

However, the type of PVC used in windows is the unplasticized kind, also known as uPVC. This polymer variant is very sturdy and can withstand the effects of chemicals, weather, and oxidation. With all these advantages, paired with a fine finish that looks like wooden furnishing, vinyl windows are a must-try. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you do your ‘window shopping’!

Keep An Eye On The Composition And Construction

When you go shopping for your vinyl windows, make sure you ask for the vinyl composition and study it well. The best quality vinyl available for the construction of windows has many additives that boost the longevity of the material. In addition, specific components are added to the vinyl to prevent it from becoming brittle, yellow, or fade in colour. 

Another critical point to note here is the construction of the window. As a customer, one must be aware of how the window is built. Ideally, the structure should contain sufficient internal channels for proper ventilation of the material. This improves the sturdiness and rigidity of the frame and also offers insulation. During installation, you must also check whether the welding is done well or not.

Examine The Glass

The quality of the glass is essential in regulating the temperature of the room. The best quality glass will provide proper insulation and maintain an optimal balance of heat gained and lost, thus maintaining a pleasant room temperature. Another feature in these window panes is that they have an inert gas trapped between a set of double panes to facilitate proper insulation. There is also a coating on the surface of the glass to reflect heat and excess sunlight.

Pay Attention To The Warranty 

Vinyl windows must come with an extended warranty period. As a buyer, you must look for a ‘double lifetime’ warranty for your windows. This allows you to pass it on to the next homeowner if you decide to move out to a new house. The contract should cover faults in construction, weakening of the structure, condensation between panes, etc. 

Look For Certifications Of Quality 

When it comes to your home, you will undoubtedly want the best. Thus you must do a quality check on your windows. Every country has national associations for construction materials, and these bodies carry out thorough tests for structural integrity. Make sure your product has passed these tests.

Be Aware Of The Cleaning Instructions

Vinyl windows come with a lot of fine engineering, which can be damaged by some cleaning techniques, like using a jet spray. So make sure you know the best way to clean your windows. Also, buy the variant which will be easiest for you to clean.

Choose Your Colour

Buy from a place that lets you customize the colour of the frame to match with the rest of the house, thus giving a chic finish.


Vinyl is an excellent substitute for wood when it comes to building windows. We have already noted the several advantages of using windows made of vinyl, right from aesthetics to cost-cutting. If you keep in mind the points discussed in this article, you are sure to find the best windows for your home!