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5 Choices of Material for the Roof of Your Home

One important component in the building is the roof, with the main function overshadowing everything underneath including all kinds of furniture underneath such as kitchen sets in the kitchen, sofa bed, bedroom furniture and many more. The choice of roofing material in a building in addition to being influenced by location, cost and quality of course also affects. You can get the best roofing service of roofing contractor fond du lac Wi who will help you in choosing the best roof for your home needs and in accordance with your budget.

Some of the following facts might help you.

Clay Material

Most people have been familiar with clay for a long time. Making it through a press and combustion process. The making is fairly complicated. The color choices that are commonly encountered are usually orange to dark colors.


  • Prices are relatively cheap
  • Durable, fire-resistant and only requires a little repair
  • Strong and can be trampled
  • There is an interlock system (interlocking or binding)


  • Easy to moss and moldy so it needs to be coated with paint or a layer of glaze
  • Accuracy in the installation is required to avoid leakage
  • Requires a strong mounting frame
  • Not too wind resistant

Asphalt Material

This type of roofing material is fiberglass and asphalt coated with minerals. Including in demand in the market with two models, corrugated and flat. The corrugated model only needs to be screwed to the gorging beam while the flat model needs to be affixed to the multiplex screwed on the frame.


  • Light & practical installation
  • Fire-resistant and quite wind resistant
  • Can be used on sloping roofs up to 90 °
  • Anti-fungal and fading
  • Many color choices


  • Prices are relatively expensive
  • Not very eco-friendly because it is made from petroleum (although it can be recycled, it usually ends up in a garbage disposal)

Ceramic Material

Ceramic roof with glaze finishing is also a best-selling tile on the market. Especially with the rise of modern style homes with shades of Italian or Spanish. This type of tile is very suitable to be installed on the balcony.


  • Durable, fire-resistant and only requires a little maintenance
  • Made from natural so it is eco-friendly
  • There is an interlock system (interlocking or binding)


  • May break
  • Poor wind resistance
  • Cannot be installed on a slope of more than 30 ° so that water can flow perfectly so it does not leak
  • It needs to be bolted so that it doesn’t come loose when hit by the wind

Metal Materials

The use of iron, aluminum or copper with a combination of zinc is the right solution for thick roofs. Both in urban and rural areas many have used this roof to cover all kinds of buildings such as schoolhouses, workshops, and showrooms.


  • Light, practical, saving material (due to its wide shape)
  • Anti-rust and mildew
  • Anti-breakage and safe from leakage
  • Does not cause heat
  • Fire and wind resistant
  • Can be installed in all fields


  • Prices are relatively expensive, especially for copper
  • Need careful and neat installation

Concrete Material

Minimalist model houses with many modern designs that use this type of concrete tile. This type of tile is very strong considering its construction has a combination of concrete cast and steel reinforcement.


  • Durable
  • Very fire resistant
  • Only needs a little improvement


  • Not too wind resistant
  • Can break
  • Weight
  • Relatively expensive