Tips To Care For Perth Lawns In Autumn

It’s that time of year, the weather is starting to get cooler, the trees are losing their leaves. Autumn has come to Western Australia. With the changing conditions, you might be wondering what you can do to help take care of your lawn during this time. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to not only help care for your lawn during this time but to help make it thrive.

Recover From Summer

Perth is the driest major city in Australia and that can take a heavy toll on your lawn. Add to that the fact that summer includes the busy holiday season so between Christmas, New Years and Australia Day, your lawn might see a whole lot of foot traffic. Just try to keep any vehicle traffic to a minimum, although we all have that one mate who parks wherever they want.

This can leave your lawn in a pretty sorry …

5 Steps to a Great Ceiling Insulation Refit

If your ceiling insulation isn’t doing its job properly, it’s time to retrofit your ceilings with new insulation. Follow these steps to ensure a successful retrofit.

Step 1. Choose your R-Value

The R-Value of an insulation product indicates its ability to resist heat transfer. The higher the R-Value, the more insulating power the product has. For ceiling applications, it’s important to choose the right R-Value for your climate.

Experts recommend getting at least R4.0 for warmer climates such as Perth and northern NSW and upgrading to R5.0 or R6.0 if you live in a cooler climate such as Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide.

Step 2. Measure the space

It’s important to take measurements of your ceiling space to determine the size and amount of insulation that you need.

Measure the distance between the midpoint of one ceiling joist to the midpoint of another. This will tell you what width insulation batt …

Make cooking easy – keep your pantry organised and pain-free!

Cooking and preparing food for your family and guests should be fun and stress-free. But it happens to the best of us – sometimes your kitchen pantry gets out of control and makes finding what you need impossible. But no matter the size of your pantry, it is possible to have an efficient and aesthetic kitchen pantry – or, extend your pantry with elfa shelving. Want to make the most out of your pantry? Here are some of our top tips to inspire you to achieve an organised, tidy kitchen pantry that’s also pleasing to the eye.

Invest in good-quality containers

Keeping your pantry essentials stored in their original packaging is a sure way to both a messy pantry and stale food. Investing in BPA-free, food safe containers with lids will keep your food fresher for longer. Even by simply ditching the packaging and putting your ingredients into reusable …

5 Steps to making sure your new shed gets approved!

If you’re thinking about installing a new shed, you may be disappointed to learn that getting approval isn’t as easy as it might once have been. Indeed, the good old days of just slapping up a shed wherever you want are over. These days, many new buildings and structures in a residential area are subject to strict shire regulations, and getting approval can be long and painful. But don’t lose hope! Here are 5 steps to make your shed application process as quick and successful as possible!

Step 1: Find out if your shed will need shire approval 

Sheds are built every day for a myriad of reasons – from private, commercial, and industrial purposes, there are as many types of approvals as there are sheds. It all comes down to the what and where and why of your shed. Council approval for shed builds depend on a few basic …

Remodelling your home? Choose custom timber furniture to make your design incredible.

So, you’ve chosen new curtains, finished the paint job and finally replaced that lamp. Next step: finding the perfect furniture to fit your new look. Where to begin? Sometimes the answer to your interior design needs aren’t at the furniture shop, nor are they satisfied by the local vintage collection. Perhaps your design craves personal touch, a finesse that you won’t find in any store. Custom timber furniture design means your personal touch is incorporated into the design, making it perfect for any space.

A new feel to any interior is a great way of keeping things fresh and lively. Below is an interior design guide to help you choose custom timber furniture that will elevate your living space.

Start with the bare basics

First things first, it’s important to think about who is using the space, the size of the household, and while the basics might seem boring, they …

Understanding No-Hassle Products For House & Home Improvement

Find Design

Decorating & Design The Not Finished Basement Finding inspiration when the renovation stalls.Basements Finishing A Brick Wall To drywall or not to drywall? Houston House & Home is contemporary, entertaining, helpful, and better of all, written particularly for the Houston homeowner.

Real Homes

Whereas you can find quality choices for $5 per sq. foot, tremendous decrease-rate tiles might need slight measurement inconsistencies. After the redesign, a floating vanity provides tons of visual house, whereas new lighting above the mirror is reflected throughout the room. To talk about your next project with us, or to receive a free no obligation quote in your home construct, addition, kitchen renovation, toilet project, or another kind of home remodel contact us at present. Make a commitment to be more energy efficient within your home, you don’t have to spend money on expensive solar panels, however being extra cautious about the little issues …

Easy Secrets Of House & Home Improvement – The Best Routes

Houston House & Home Magazine

The 21,000 sq. foot retailer is filled with 1000’s of essential home maintenance products and supplies, including some of the most revered brand names and finest-promoting items to help folks are likely to lives and their houses. Key product offerings embody paint, garden and backyard, hardware, electrical, plumbing, automotive and home décor, as well as niche products corresponding to Automotive and Powersport batteries, Stihl outside instruments corresponding to chainsaws, trimmers, and blowers. Also yow will discover reside plants, gear leases, and a convenient lumber yard. HomeTech Renovations is delighted to be in the latest House & Home function titled, “The Perfect Remodel”.

Decorating & Design

Poor housing means many people spend unnecessary time in hospitals and care properties, at nice price to the state. Inspired by each Thoreau and Mr. Blandings,A Place of My Own not solely works to convey the historical past and meaning …

How to reduce mold and moisture under your home


Living in a house has a lot of advantages, but when it comes to maintaining it properly and dealing with some of the common issues such as mold and moisture, it requires some regular attention and effort from your side. 

Those who moved from an apartment into a house enjoy the larger space, the backyard, and the feeling of being alone in your property, but all these benefits come with a drawback. 

According to the statistics, mold destroys more wood than all the fires and termites combined (Source: )

The crawl space that’s under your home is the perfect breeding ground for mold and moisture. There are more than a few ways to regulate this, with the best one being a complete sealing and encapsulation of the crawl space. Find out more about this in the content below. 

Fixing leaks and preventing health issues by improving crawlspace conditions

Different Verandah Designs For Outdoor Inspiration

Different Verandah Designs For Outdoor Inspiration

When it comes to creating beautiful outdoor spaces, more and more homeowners are considering the addition of verandahs to provide an additional elegant living space in their property. And with this added area for rest and relaxation without worrying about the constraints of the outside weather, it’s no wonder there’s a greater demand for verandahs with homeowners and potential buyers. With options to install onto existing properties as well as building with new homes, verandahs can be constructed to complement the facade of the home or provide a striking contrast that elevates the look of the property. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration and information about the different Melbourne verandahs designs that are available, look no further than this handy guide!


Verandahs with curved roofs are strikingly elegant, opening up a verandah with a dynamic focal point. Curved, smooth and clean lines provide a convex canopy over the outdoor …

The Future Of SEO

If you still think that more backlinks and keyword density will get your site onto the first page of Google, you are mistaken. The game of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing  is changing rapidly. You can no longer rely on Google or some of the popular SEO blogs to tell you how to optimise your website. SEO is not all about relentless link building anymore. In fact, building thousands of spammy links to your site is an outdated strategy from 2009. You need to be more creative and think about cross-collaboration methods to design an effective and sustainable SEO strategy that will help:

  • Enhance media operations.
  • Drive highly targeted organic traffic to your site.

Understanding the user is one of the most important things to succeed in the SEO game. In fact, you need the visitor to stay on your page and explore more of your website …