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Planning for a Home Wedding

There’s nothing like the emotions you feel when you get married from – or hold your reception in – your own home. It feels more intimate than celebrating one of the most important days of your life in an impersonal anonymous building which has been used by thousands of other couples.

If a wedding at home – whether that’s your own or your parental home – feels right for both you and your partner, the following tips should ensure that the day goes without a hitch.

Factors to consider

You must first of all investigate the legality of holding a ceremony in your home. In some countries, this is forbidden so you will only be able to hold the post-wedding party at home.

Next, you should consider the numbers of guests. Are you absolutely sure that the house is big enough? You might have to compromise on the number of guests. If you’re marrying in one of the warmer seasons, you might cope with the overspill by arranging for the garden to be used as well. However, take the weather/climate into consideration and always have a back-up plan in case it rains, for example. Hiring a marque is often a popular choice and can protect guests from rainfall and blazing sun.

To a certain extent, the number of guests and the formality of the ceremony will dictate what kind of food and refreshments you will provide for your guests. This can range from a formal sit-down meal to a more casual barbecue. It might be easier or cheaper to hire a catering firm.

Of course, hiring professionals will add to your overall wedding budget but can still work out cheaper than a wedding at a hotel. Alternatively, cheap long-term loans are available to make sure that your wedding day lives up to your expectations. PLNOW for an easy online application and quick access to additional cash from £1,000 to £25,000. 

Be prepared for little accidents too. Guests might drop or spill things on the carpet or knock things over. Think about how many of your possessions you’ll store, whether certain rooms will be off-limits and who will be responsible for cleaning up afterwards. If you’re planning a honeymoon (and there’s an excellent travel section in ‘The Guardian’), this also might require professional help.

Preparing for the big day

Any wedding can be stressful with all the things you have to remember. If you’re planning a wedding at home, then it’s crucial that you are well prepared. It can be quite tricky to juggle all your daily work-related and personal commitments when your home (usually your safe haven) will be the site of the wedding. You may find that some jobs need to be done well in advance.

The key to successful preparation is to delegate as much as you can. Most family members and friends will be delighted to play an active role in your preparations for the big day – whether that’s decorating the garden with tealights and fairy lights, arranging flowers for the tables or baking/cooking finger food for a wedding buffet.